Monsoon Hair Care

Organic Coconut & Lavender Hair Mask

Monsoon Hair Care

 Embrace Monsoon Hair Care: Protect Your Locks from Excessive Hair Fall! 

As the air becomes humid and rain showers approach, we start noticing strands of hair falling down in chunks on the pillows, brushes, on the floor, around the drains. A sight that causes everyone to panic and use everything on earth to prevent that hair from falling. Monsoon and humidity does take a toll on your hair, leading to excessive hair loss and frustration but understanding what causes excessive hair fall and how to prevent it will help you keep your mane strong and enjoy this beautiful season.

 Humidity and Frizz: Hair gets frizzy when the moisture content in the hair is less than the moisture content in the atmosphere. That is why you would often notice your hair gets frizzy when you travel to coastal regions. This can be helped with hydrating your hair with an organic hair mask. Use a pre-shampoo mask that helps penetrate some amounts of organic oils and moisture into the hair shaft.  

Excessive Hair Fall: Monsoon showers and humidity can cause collection of sebum and dirt on the scalp. This excessive sebum can loosen the grip of your hair roots, making them fall out more. If you oil your hair, use an oil that also reduces sebum. Essential oils and herbs  like Rosemary, Sage, Tea Tree, Lavender, Eucalyptus Blue Gum help in sebum reduction,  keep the scalp clean of microorganisms that feed on sebum and stimulate hair growth. Ideally oil only the length of the hair (for a short time) during the rains, your scalp will still absorb oil from the strands.

 Combatting Dampness: Dampness and moisture create a breeding ground for fungal infections and scalp issues. To keep the scalp clean and dry shampoo frequently using a gentle, sulfate-free formula fortified with plant lipoproteins and herbs like Jatamansi, Gotu Kola, Hibiscus. 


  • Use herbal rinses to give a nourishing boost to the hair. 

  • Herbal masks made with Henna, Amla powder and dried herbs can tighten the pores on the scalp and prevent loosening the hair grip on the scalp.

  • Protect your hair from rain water as the rain water can entrap pollutants from the atmosphere on the scalp and hair. 

  • In Ayurveda, hair and nails are considered a waste product of bones. Ensure strong bones and healthy hair and nails by increasing your calcium intake. Sesame, Amaranth, Ragi and Moringa are one of the richest plant sources of calcium that you can add to your diet.

Stay ahead of the monsoon hair fall battle and embrace the change in weather with confidence adopting the right hair care regimen and products, for more resilient, nourished, and well-protected hair.