लोकः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु

May the world and all its beings be at peace, with immense health and positivity.”

This is our mantra, which we achieve through:

The Pursuit of Oneness

We believe that the outer body and the inner consciousness together make a person who they truly are. It is only by nourishing both aspects that we can achieve oneness within ourselves and with nature. 

The traditions, recipes and concoctions of Ayurveda, around which all our formulations are based, are known for holistically nurturing both, the body and the soul. 


The Pursuit of the Quintessential Self

We believe that every body and soul is uniquely beautiful, gifted with the ability to enhance itself and the lives of those whose path it crosses.

Our methodology compliments the quest to find the quintessential self - the self that is pure, real, confident and complete in itself, as we endeavour to unearth the natural secrets of life-long wellness by understanding the intricacies of Ayurveda.


The Pursuit of Conscious Karma

We believe that personal well-being cannot truly be achieved without ensuring the well-being of the space - the ether - we inhabit as well.

The philosophy of Conscious Karma is a commitment to be mindful of the footprint we leave behind with everything we do. This finds expression through all our actions, be it encouraging our customers to follow a conscious Kriya of self-care, a commitment to develop cruelty-free products, our sustainable packaging, or the multiple social and environmental initiatives we undertake that work towards a better world for future generations.


There is more to using a Quinta Essentia product than just the physical application of it. 

While we are dedicated to crafting the finest quality products, we also pay equal attention to your experience of the Kriyas - the curated processes that enhance the beautification of the body and mind, and the Sadhna - the time you spend with yourself in self-reflection and self-care, away from negativity, stress and worry. 

With a strong focus on the texture and aroma of our products, we aim to awaken and harmonise the natural state of the body, mind and soul, in order to purify, satisfy and sanctify. 

We achieve this by combining the best that traditional Ayurveda, Herbalism and Aromatherapy have to offer with modern, state of the art technology. 

The result is carefully crafted formulations that ensure an unparalleled experience, without compromising on product efficacy or quality. 


Arti Gaur 


Arti’s lifelong interest in the science and methodology of Ayurveda and Yoga led her to experiment with homemade organic herbal skincare formulations. 

The realisation that the recipes she was developing had extraordinarily effectual properties led to the birth of Quinta Essentia - a way for her to share her carefully crafted creations with the world. 


With close to 20 years of experience, Arti, who trained at Baidyanath Research Institute and Dhyan Foundation brings not only expertise, but also a passion for gentle, sustainable and effective skin wellness to each and every product developed at Quinta Essentia.   


The name ‘Quinta Essentia’ derives from the 5th element of existence - Ether or Quintessence - the space that holds the other elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air, and refers to something in its purest form. 

It is a space that promotes mindfulness and receptiveness, and encourages you to awaken your inner consciousness.