Contract Manufacturing:

Contract Manufacturing Alliance

At QEO, we understand the problems faced by small businesses in sourcing, formulating and producing quality products. With that in mind, we offer the exclusive service of developing researched and result oriented products for our alliance partners by using years of industry experience. Our services are reasonably priced and we are open to all kinds of order volume. Our creative team is continuously involved in the process of research and development with the endeavor to formulate quality products. Our products are created using the best of ingredients sourced from all around the globe. Our highly skilled team and state of the art production facilities ensures products of the highest standards that spread across a wide and versatile range. Our Alliance Partnership services come in the forms of Contract Manufacturing and Product Co-development. We are slowly gaining the reputation of being one of the most trusted and efficient private label organic wellness manufacturer in the country. We understand and appreciate the fact that each company holds its own identity and fundamentals. With that in mind we engineer the process of nurturing your concepts and needs into successful products that can make its mark in the market. Our ultimate goal is to help you develop your own brand that encapsulates your business fundamentals and concepts and are in lines with the business economics of the market. To sum it up- we are a one stop concept to market solution for all your Private Labelling needs.

The Process

• A file with complete formulations, percentages and references (from Ayurvedic texts) is prepared and submitted to the Food and Drug Association (FDA) - Ayush for approval. Each variant (e.g. a shampoo with three variants) is counted as a separate and demands individual filing for reference.

• Simultaneously the inventory of ingredients and packaging need to be sourced to facilitate the process of preparing the samples and submitting them to the FDA.

• Each product and its variant go through laboratory testing for the approval from the department.

• Once approved the product is ready to be launched in the market.

Why US..

• Years of industry experience.

• State of the art production facilities and dedicated workforce.

• Flexibility in production of any kind of order size.

• Extensive Product line.

• Customer friendly and transparent operational methods.

• Competitive pricing structure.

Product Co-Development:

Product co-development refers to our involvement and contribution to a buyer's new product development or product At QEO we believe in developing the researched and result based products for our clients and partners, we put our expertise in formulating new products for our partners with minimal consultation charges and help them to float those products in the market on profit sharing basis.

International Trade Channel Partners:

We are happy to join hands with you. We believe in connecting globally with our partners for international trade. QEO shares its margins with companies/ agents who liaison between us and other vendors/ companies.


Address :

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