Ayurveda - science of longevity and youthfulness.

Ayurveda - science of longevity and youthfulness.
Often we hear beauty treatments, spa treatments, facials etc to be synonymous with French customs, or Moroccan Rituals, Cleopatra's baths etc. Most popularly French women, who take facials and beauty routines, along with their food as an integral part of their being.

When you dig deeper, you will find the earliest mention of skin care, body care, massage and bath rituals in Ayurveda, the oldest documented science of life.
Notably Ayurveda emphasizes on beauty and body rituals, it also takes into account, sleep, food, asanas and Detoxification as an integral part of a NORMAL life, unlike the privileged section of the society which enjoyed these luxury in the middle ages. It is prescribed for everyone, at all ages. Starting from childhood until the ripe old age. Ayurveda is the science of longevity and youthfulness.

Our bodies are our vehicles, no matter what our destination is or what experiences our souls desire, it is the body which carries us through them.
A healthy body is supposed to exude strength, flexibility, youth and glow till the end. Thats how we saw our grand parents and great grand parents as.
To achieve this a major portion of the day is prescribed for the well being of the body and mind.

Shauch or cleanliness and detoxification, abhayang or oleation, and sans, pranayam and meditation are the daily rituals prescribed in Ayurveda to achieve youth and longevity till the end.

Ayurvedic beauty rituals are not just skin deep, they penetrate the deepest cores of our body.

Sushrut, without the aid or technology or machinery could describe six layers of skin, the exact number of bones, joints etc and how to keep them supple, radiating and flexible, how to achieve optimum health.

Ayurvedic treatments nourish all the layers of the skin, bones, joints and even the waste of internal organs.

For example hair and nails are the waste products of our bones. Bones are made up of calcium primarily, and are strengthened by massage. So the Ayurvedic approach to having healthy nails and hair would include herbs, oils, and substances rich in fatty acids (oils etc) and calcium.
A daily shauch (cleanliness) kris inn Ayurveda includes Abhayang (massage), ubtan, scrubbing and bathing with natural substances like naturally soapy herbs and clays - which never contained any chemical or synthetic elements.

Massage strengthens not only the skin but also the bones, lubricates the joints, and cartilage, improves circulation of blood and oxygen, induces healthy sleep, relaxes muscles. It also aids in draining the lymph or toxins out of the body. Techniques like svedana (inducing sweat), in panchakarma therapy help in this kind of drainage.

Ayurvedic regimen are highly targeted keeping in consideration the dosha type (constitution). An experienced Ayurvedic practitioner creates products keeping all these measures in account.

Regular scrubbing with right kind of herbs and oils suitable for a constitution, removes accumulated toxins which are pulled to the surface using special properties of the scrubbing ingredients and techniques like steam ( wet heat), or sauna (dry heat), herbs which stimulate the lymphatic channels.

Lepas ( masks or ointments) applied to cleanse the body and finally to close back the open pores again to prevent pollution and environmental toxins to enter the body.

It is common knowledge that skin is the largest part of our bodying the barrier between the outside world and the internal organs. Our bodies react to anything alien, which is not a part of itself. For e.g. nails and hair are waste of bones, not required inside the body. If for some reason there is inward growth of nails or hair, or even the sebum which is supposed to be excited through the skin is trapped in the skin, we see pus or pimple or outburst of acne, we see the body revolt in small or big way.

Organic Ayurvedic herbs, oils, ubtans, or masks prepared in the correct combinations to suit different constitutions, play a wonderful role in keeping disease and aging at bay. Unlike chemical treatments which are short-lived and having temporary effects, Ayurvedic treatments and beauty rituals impart long lasting beauty and youth and you gain loyalty of your clients, their families and friends forever. You gain their trust and add to positive energy, health and leave green footprints on earth.

QE products are balanced to suit different constitutions. With experience of over 15 years in the field of yoga and Ayurveda our founder Arti Gaur has created products which have gained the trust of thousands of yoga practitioners, children, elderly and young people and that is how QE came into being. Built on foundation of purity and commitment to green living, our products contain no artificial fragrances, synthetic ingredients or preservatives, making them safe for people. other creatures and their environment and Earth.