Quinta Essentia Organic

Our roots are deeply spread in Mother Earth, Prithvi or Gaia.

Ayurveda or Western Herbalism, Aromatherapy or Phytotherapy, Shamanism or Naturopathy, all these holistic sciences find their roots in Mother Earth. Accessed through herbs, flowers, fruits, seeds or whole plants, it is this magic, this power of nature is described as Quinta Essentia.

Plato called it the essence of cosmos, others called it the ‘fifth element‘, beyond earth, water, fire and air. We call it the “gift of life” bestowed on us by Mother Nature.

At Quinta Essentia Organic (QEO), we revere the bounties of nature and make humble attempts to harness this power of nature in our simplistic, organic beauty and health care products with utmost sincerity and hard work.

We do not formulate products for the market, we lovingly make products for people, to benefit from, to experience Quinta Essentia- the true beauty and forever bask in its resplendent glory.

We observe laws of the universe, we follow the cycles of nature, we follow the principles of Ayurveda. We use prana from Nature to infuse life and beauty in our preparations.

With complete devotion and thorough understanding of rhythms or cycles of time, season, day and night  and how our bodies are in tune with nature at different ages, we handcraft our products using minimal machinery, in small batches.

Here is our sincere effort to bring Quinta Essentia into your lives.

Our Story

Arti Gaur

Our bodies are not designed to survive in an alien environment- artificial, synthetic. They rebel and force us back to Nature or they perish before time. To go back home, to Nature, is every soul’s eternal quest.

This is the story of Arti Gaur, who after spending years in a hopelessly unchanging environment, synthetic culture, emotional turmoil, suffering from fading health and hope in miracles, decided there’s more to life.

The quest for life, and all things real, resulting from disappointment from a synthetic world and artificial products which worsened body’s conditions and tolerance led her to the world of Naturalism.

That opened a doorway to the world of Yoga and Ayurveda, the real and most natural way of living. Having learned it living amidst nature, plants and animals for more than 15 years Arti developed the knack of cooking up potions and tonics for friends, relatives and fellow yoga practitioners. Having been a creative chef from childhood, creating skincare and health tonics naturally came out as an extension of her culinary skills and that’s why she called her creations, “food for skin”.

With a degree in English literature from Delhi University and training in Ayurveda from Baidyanath Research Institute, a decade of experience in deeper aspects of Yoga and Tantra from Dhyan Foundation Arti’s hobby soon turned into a vibrant venture thanks to all the panegyrics that began flowing courtesy everyone who tried and were left bewitched by her products. When not engrossed in churning soothing and healing products for conscious consumers like herself, she can be found unleashing her culinary prowess or being showered with undivided puppy love from her dogs Killer, Diva, Kelly and their family.

“I am a conscious woman, tuned into the spirit of nature and universal spirit. I idolize my mother- the epitome of womanhood, a healer, a generous, kind and compassionate woman, mother to all… that’s what I have imbibed from her. I follow the path of practice given by my Guru- Yogi Ashwini and that has taught me to keep myself attuned to Nature, Yoga, Ayurveda, Herbalism and service. All of this completes the circle of life. Giving back to Nature what we receive and evolve- it multiples manifold” signs off Arti.

Atika Gaur

Following the footsteps her aunt cum mother, her only family, Atika Gaur’s transition from a Biotechnologist from Univeristy of Pune to an ardent Ayurveda follower and Nature lover was a matter of time and experience.

It was an experiential journey, realizing at every step and failing at most challenges thrown to prove that modern science is superior to Nature and natural ways, was a learning experience for Atika.

She began to accept and marvel at the simplistic and highly efficacious potions her aunt created with such ease in her kitchen lab whenever people approached her to find a natural solution to their ordinary or chronic problems.

Whether it was minor problems like indigestion or insomnia, a cut or a bruise or serious conditions like alopecia, dermatitis, asthma, joint pains, hair fall or pigmentation, pregnancy or ageing, she saw Arti’s remedies and potions work like a charm on everything people approached her for. Finally Atika succumbed to Nature when she saw even doctors and professionals benefitting from Arti’s help and all natural solutions.

Atika, since then, with firm belief in traditional remedies and Organic sustainable harvested ingredients keeps a keen eye on what goes into each of the concoctions that make up QEO’s magnetic range. Atika’s expertise also lies in sourcing the best of ingredients from the world along with bringing in her ken of aromatherapy into the picture.

Blending the exquisiteness of Ayurveda with the sophistication of latest techniques that don’t tamper with the goodness of the ingredients, Atika and Arti bring the best of both worlds to you.

Why Choose Organic?

Because its food for a healthy skin…

Skin is the largest organ of the body; But did you know that it absorbs everything it comes into contact with?

What is applied on the body is no different from what we eat from the mouth.  Skin is the largest organ of the body as it breathes, eats, drinks and eliminates.  Some even call it the second brain of the body. What you use on your skin is ultimately what your body feeds on and finds nourishment from.

But sadly, today we feed our bodies with known carcinogens (cancer-causing) such as sodium laureth sulphate, sodium benzoate, and potassium sorbate that essentially make up the ingredient lists of well-known cosmetic brands today.

Associated preserving chemicals, parabens, petroleum products, inorganic oils, propylene glycol, acetones and other benzene-like products are toxic and interfere with the natural defense mechanism of the body and make it susceptible to infections and diseases. Phthalates, found in plastics, have been known to trigger female-related diseases and other hormonal changes in the body.

Also, studies at Uppasala University, Sweden and Mount Sinai Hospital, New York claim that chemicals in everyday household products and cosmetics through absorption by skin and inhalation contribute to unknown causes of weight gain besides diseases like asthma etc.

That is why we believe it is of utmost importance that you feed your skin the right food and switch to organic. Research corroborates that organic produce is higher in antioxidants and other nutrients than their conventional counterparts, suggesting that organic might be the answer to eternal youth and longevity.

Which is what Arti Gaur with Quinta Essentia Organics brings to you – Products specially handcrafted with ingredients that are pure, unadulterated, pristine and a 100% USDA-certified organic.

Our Guiding Philosophy

The five primary elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether, which make us and the Universe also play their roles in constituting the appearance, the beauty of a being.

What you eat, drink, touch, put on your body; you absorb and reflect the same energy. The elements in their various forms reside in nature, and our deep understanding of the nature’s elements has led us to develop the Quinta Essentia elemental range combining Earth, Water, Fire, Air  to attain optimal well-being and resplendent natural beauty products.

Each of these elements plays a significant role in healing, nourishing, rejuvenating the body and also in prolonging the ageing process.

How Are We Different?

Our Approach to Skin Care

At Quinta Essentia Organic, we follow a holistic approach to skin, body and beauty. Our 100% natural, chemical-free products have been crafted with an understanding of the interdependent relationship the skin has with the overall health of a being. Also, keeping in mind nature, environment and our planet.